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Waste incineration power plant: Equipment processing capacity Processing capacity is 700,000 tons a year. Procurement of equipment and materials: In this project, the contribution to the local economy is very large because it procures Russian products ZiO Podrisk announced July 11. Moscow City Government: Leading Projects Garbage incineration power plant equipment will be built near Moscow. The power generation output is 75 MW. RT Invest: Shareholder of AGC1 60% of the required equipment will be procured in Russia. This is the first order for Hitachi Zosen for equipment for Russia. Current contract: 4 plants in total The same agreement has been agreed with AGC1 on the same business content at three other plants. Garbage crane of main facilities, Grate, Design of exhaust gas treatment equipment, Equipment supply, Of course, all the technical guidance etc. ZiO podrisk: See regional analysis report dated January 22, 2019 For Russia, the reduction of landfills is an urgent issue, In addition, by installing equipment, we can secure a large amount of thermal energy in Moscow.。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。