Crooz アダルト。 クルーズ (企業)

I feel like a song is so much more special when you can visualize and picture it, even smell and taste all of the stuff that the songwriter's going through. His sharp matter-of-factness and acerbic humor have often masked criticism in piercing barbs and commentary in unflinching bravado. This playlist is updated often, so if you hear something you like, add it to your library. Your comments on the pages you visited would be highly appreciated. If you like a song, add it to your library. Our editors regularly update this playlist. A deep knowledge of music, which he attributes to his family, shines throughout the EP. Some might call this an album of maturation, but it ultimately seems more like an invitation—Staples finally allowing his fans to know him just a bit more. The password may change without prior notice, so ask for a new password again then. The songs, like a series of vignettes that don't even reach the three-minute mark, feel intimately autobiographical. I have no intention to violate other's copyright. That's where all the songs started. The heartbreak, the humiliation, the vertiginous weight of every lonesome thought and outsized feeling—none of that really leaves us, and exploring it honestly almost always makes for good pop songs. All of the photos published in this web site are for reference purpose only unless otherwise mentioned. If you are interested in these pages, please request the password by the "" form.。
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