How to call New Zealand from Australia? (2023)

How to call New Zealand from Australia? (1)

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How to call New Zealand from Australia? (3)Published : June 2, 2023

Staying in touch with friends, family, and coworkers across borders has become crucial in today’s connected world. In fact, there were a total of 6.50 million connections in 2021 in New Zealand, which can make it difficult for companies to connect with their target audience. If you live in Australia and want to contact in New Zealand, you might wonder what the most practical and economical method is. We have you covered!

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This in-depth guide will tell you how to call New Zealand from Australia. Understanding the proper dialing codes and procedures can guarantee a flawless conversation, whether you’re communicating with family, friends, or clients across the Tasman Sea. To make calling NZ from Australia successful, let’s explore the world of telecommunications.

Calling New Zealand Mobile From Australia [Step-by-Step Guide]

When calling an NZ mobile from Australia, consider a few things. We have a step-by-step guide to help you communicate effectively with your target receiver across the Tasman Sea.

Let’s look at how calling NZ mobile from Australia can be done in simple steps.

Step 1: Dial the International Access Code

You must first dial the international access code “0011” to make international calling New Zealand from Aus.

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"Businesses should consider using virtual phone numbers to call New Zealand as virtual phone numbers provide a cost-effective solution, eliminating long-distance charges. They also establish a local presence, fostering customer trust and enhancing communication. Furthermore, virtual phone numbers offer flexibility, allowing businesses to manage calls efficiently and seamlessly across borders."

Step 2: Enter the Country Code for New Zealand

Then, dial the international access code first and press “64” to enter the New Zealand country code.

Step 3: Exclude the Leading Zero

While New Zealand mobile numbers normally start with a leading zero, this zero is unnecessary when dialing international code. Therefore, when calling NZ from Aus, exclude the leading zero while entering the mobile number.

Step 4: Include the Area Code

You must follow the country code with the appropriate New Zealand area code. Mobile area codes in New Zealand often begin with “2” or “2X”.

Step 5: Enter the Mobile Number

Enter the first four digits of the New Zealand mobile phone number before inputting the area code. Ensure the numbers you use to contact the intended recipient are in the correct order.

Verify your entered dialing sequence a second time to ensure it is correct. Make that the country code, area code, international access code, and corresponding cellphone number are all present.

After verifying the dialing pattern, place the call by hitting the call button. You’ll be connected to the New Zealand mobile number you tried to reach once the call connects.


Imagine you want to call a mobile number in Wellington with the area code 04 and the number 1234567. The dialing pattern from Australia would be 0011+64+4+1234567.

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It’s important to note that international call rates can be applicable depending on your phone service provider. It is advisable to check with your provider beforehand or think about alternate strategies, including internet-based calling services or mobile applications that offer international calling alternatives, to ensure you are informed of the charges involved with making an international call to New Zealand.

Calling New Zealand Landline from Australia

There are a few essential steps to follow when calling the NZ landline from Australia. Here is a guide to assist you in connecting with your intended contact.

Step 1: Determine the New Zealand Landline Number

Ensure you have the correct telephone number for the New Zealand landline you want to call before you dial. Typically, a seven-digit local number comes first, followed by a three-digit area code.

Step 2: Enter the International Exit Code

You must enter the international exit code to make a call abroad from an Australian mobile first. The “+” sign or the prefix “0011” often denotes the international exit code in Australia.

Step 3: Enter the New Zealand Country Code

New Zealand’s country code is “64.” When prompted, enter “64” to indicate that you are calling New Zealand after dialing the Australian exit code.

Step 4: Include the New Zealand Area Code

You must enter the correct area code for the New Zealand city or region where the landline is situated after the country code. In New Zealand, area codes can be any length, usually between one and four digits. Before dialing the local number, ensure to include the area code.

Step 5: Dial the New Zealand Landline Number

Once you have entered the Australia exit code, the NZ country code, and the area code, dial the final seven-digit local number of the New Zealand landline you are contacting.


Imagine you want to call a landline number in Auckland with the area code 09, and the landline number is 2345345. First, you must dial the international access code, the country code, and the area code, followed by the landline number.

The dialing number will look like 0011+64+09+2345345.

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The recipient will be bothered if you call at an improper hour. So, you don’t need to consider the time difference between Australia and New Zealand. Generally speaking, New Zealand is two hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST) in Australia, though this might change depending on whether or not both nations observe daylight saving time.

Remember that calling internationally may result in extra fees. Therefore, asking your service provider about any possible call-related costs is best.

How To Call A New Zealand 0800 Number From Australia?

With an 0800 number, New Zealand people can reach you practically anywhere in the country without worrying about expensive long-distance charges.

But how to dial New Zealand from Australia using 0800?

There is a specific dialing procedure that you must follow to call a New Zealand 0800 number from Australia. You can call with the following steps:

Step 1: Dial the International Access Code

You must initially dial the international access code, “0011,” for Australia. You can make international calls using this code.

Step 2: Dial the New Zealand Country Code

Enter the New Zealand country code, “64,” after entering the international dialing codes.

Step 3: Enter the New Zealand Area Code

Dial the New Zealand area code after the country code. In New Zealand, area codes might change based on the location or service provider. However, most of New Zealand’s 0800 numbers are toll-free and do not require an area code.

Step 4: Dial 0800

Finally, dial the 0800 number in your cell phone. You don’t need to pay anything because 0800 numbers in New Zealand are toll-free. It means the recipient will pay for the call.


Here’s an illustrated example of how to call an 0800 New Zealand number from Australia:

0011 (the international access code) + 64 (the country code for New Zealand) + [if applicable, the New Zealand area code] + 0800 number

The area code could vary depending on the location or service provider. You can check a New Zealand phone book or ask the service provider for help if you’re unsure about the area code for the 0800 number you’re calling.

What Is New Zealand ISD Code?

Now that you know how to call NZ from Australia, you should also learn about the ISD code of New Zealand.

New Zealand’s International Subscriber Dialling (ISD) code is +64. Dialing internationally to a particular nation requires using an ISD code, a special numerical prefix.

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To connect with phone lines within New Zealand, callers from other nations can dial +64 before the local area code in the case of New Zealand.

New Zealand is linked to the international telephone network using the ISD code +64, enabling communication between New Zealanders and people worldwide. The ISD code enables people to contact their colleagues, loved ones, or acquaintances who live in New Zealand for professional or personal purposes.

The entire international dialing procedure includes more elements than just the ISD code. The standard procedure for making an international call to New Zealand is to first dial the exit code of your nation (the code used to make international calls), then the ISD code of +64, and finally, the local New Zealand phone number you want to reach.

Remember, the time zone differences must be considered when calling from outside the country to New Zealand.

The ISD code makes it simple for people and companies to communicate with New Zealand’s vibrant and diverse population. The ISD code is essential for facilitating cross-border communication and fostering cultural exchange, whether to discuss opportunities, develop relationships, or simply have chats.

List of Major New Zealand Area Codes

Numerous area codes in New Zealand is used to distinguish and organize the nation’s many geographical regions. These area codes are crucial to New Zealand’s communications infrastructure, facilitating effective nationwide communication.

Area codes are utilized when dialing a phone number inside New Zealand from one region to another. The area codes assist in directing the call to the appropriate party, providing precise and trustworthy communication.

Area CodeArea
06Palmerston North

Download New Zealand Area Code Template

When to Call New Zealand from Australia?

It’s crucial to consider the time difference when calling NZ from Aus. You must remember that New Zealand normally observes a time difference from Australia to ensure you call at the proper time. Considering daylight saving time is crucial because it affects the time lost.

There are several time zones in Australia, but we’ll use Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) and Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) while calling New Zealand. New Zealand Daylight Time (NZDT) and New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) are used in New Zealand.

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The time difference between Australia and New Zealand is typically two hours during standard time. For instance, when it’s 2:00 PM in Auckland, New Zealand, it will be 12:00 PM in Sydney, Australia.

However, the time changes during Daylight Savings Time. The time difference between Australia and New Zealand is normally lowered to one hour during daylight saving time. For instance, when it’s 1:00 PM in Auckland, New Zealand, it will be 12:00 PM in Sydney, Australia.

To choose the ideal time when calling NZ from Australia, you must take the time zones and whether or not either country is observing daylight saving time.

Is Calling New Zealand From Australia Expensive?

You have learned how to call New Zealand from Australia, but don’t you want to know about the calling charges?

The cost of calling New Zealand from Australia might vary depending on several factors. Let’s take a look.

First, the telecommunications company you use and your particular plan or package can impact the cost of calling New Zealand from Australia. Different providers provide a range of international call packages and calling rates, which might alter the entire cost. You should check with your provider or review their international calling rates for exact information on the charges involved.

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Second, the length of the call also has a big impact on how much it costs. Naturally, the cost of longer calls will be higher than that of shorter calls. Making calls during these times may help you save money because some carriers offer lower rates during non-peak times.

Thirdly, new choices for making international calls have been made possible by technological advances, which may result in cost savings. Users can make calls over the Internet using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services and applications like Skype, WhatsApp, or Viber, frequently at less expensive rates than regular phone calls. For a smooth and unbroken chat, it is crucial to take the internet connection’s quality into account.

Finally, finding out if your supplier offers unique international calling plans or packages is a good idea. These plans, which may provide discounted rates for calls to New Zealand or other nations, are made to accommodate regular international callers.

Lower Your Calling Costs to New Zealand Using DialerHQ

We have excellent news if you’re tired of paying exorbitant international calling rates while calling NZ from Australia.

Introducing DialerHQ, a ground-breaking cloud-based phone system tool that dramatically lowers your call costs without sacrificing quality. DialerHQ makes communication easier and more economical than ever with your friends, family, and business partners in New Zealand.

How to call New Zealand from Australia? (10)

1. Cost Savings

DialerHQ provides unbeatable rates for calls to New Zealand, saving you a lot of monthly money on your phone bills.

2. High-Quality Connections

Despite the lower prices, DialerHQ ensures that all of your calls to New Zealand have crystal-clear sound quality. It recognizes the need for dependable communication and call management. The cutting-edge technology ensures outstanding call clarity and few interruptions.

3. User-Friendly Interface

You can quickly and easily set up your settings, use the system and begin placing low-cost calls to New Zealand owing to its user-friendly interface. There is no need for sophisticated procedures or technological knowledge.

4. Flexible Programs

It provides flexible programs for your unique calling requirements. Regardless of how frequently you need to communicate or if you only make infrequent calls, DialerHQ has an ideal plan for you. Pick the plan that works best for you to take advantage of cheap calling.

5. Client Support

At DialerHQ, client satisfaction is a priority. The team appreciates feedback and is committed to offering timely help whenever needed.

6. Secure and Private

We know the significance of data security and privacy. You may call New Zealand with DialerHQ and feel secure knowing that cutting-edge encryption and security safeguards shield your private information and conversations are shielded by cutting-edge encryption and security safeguards.


You have learned several ways on how to call New Zealand from Australia, and you know that it is a simple process. However, there are some significant considerations to make while communicating with friends, family, or customers to ensure a successful connection.

First and foremost, knowing the proper country and area codes is crucial. You can select between networks for landlines and mobile phones. Additionally, several telecommunications service providers offer affordable prices and packages for international calls. It is recommended to look into and compare these choices to find the most affordable one that meets your calling requirements.

There are alternatives to regular phone calls owing to technological advancements. Applications that make it simple and economical to communicate with people in New Zealand include messaging applications, VoIP, and internet calling services. These platforms can be accessed from any device with an internet connection as they frequently use the internet to deliver audio or video calls.


To call New Zealand from Australia using DialerHQ, dial the international access code, followed by New Zealand's country code and the recipient's phone number.

When calling New Zealand from Australia via DialerHQ, use the country code +64, ensuring clear communication and competitive rates for international calls.

Using DialerHQ to call New Zealand from Australia is simple. Dial the international access code, then New Zealand's country code (+64), and finally, the desired phone number for reliable communication.

How to call New Zealand from Australia? (11)

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