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₦ 180,000 New Laptop HP 15 4GB Intel Celeron HDD 500GB Hp 15-258c2ea, Intel Celeron N4020, 500gb Hdd, 4gb Ram, 15.6′′ Diagonal Hd, Anti-Glare Display,... Brand New Intel Celeron Lagos, Ikeja
Popular Quick reply DIAMOND ₦ 235,000 Laptop HP EliteBook X360 1030 G2 8GB Intel Core I5 SSD 256GB Hp Elitebook 1030g2 X360 core i5 8gb Ram with 256ssd storage very smart pc with high speed ready to... Used Intel Core i5 Abuja, Central Business District
₦ 170,000 Laptop HP Pavilion Dv6 8GB Intel Core I7 HDD 500GB Hp pavilion dv6 notebook pc,core i7 3rd gen,500gb hdd/ 8gb ram with dvd drive . Used Intel Core i7 Lagos, Ikeja
₦ 100,000 HP 240 G1 500gb HDD 4gb RAM We sell all kinds of uk used laptops, Photocopies machines ,printer ,DI machaines , desktop pc ,... Oyo, Ibadan
₦ 30,000 Laptop HP 15 4GB Intel Core M HDD+SSD 4T Microsoft windows 10 homeVersion : 10.0.19041 build 19041DESKTOP-636UE9P 2 cores. Used Intel Core M Lagos, Ikeja
₦ 270,000 Laptop HP Pavilion 15 8GB Intel Core I5 SSD 256GB Nvidia GeForce Used black pavilion gaming pc Used Intel Core i5 Lagos, Amuwo-Odofin
₦ 360,000 Laptop HP Omen 15 8GB Intel Core I7 HDD 1T Hp omen 15 - gaming/workstation pc: nvidia 1050ti, 4gb dedicated graphics card, 16gb ram, intel core... Used Intel Core i7 Abuja, Kubwa
₦ 120,000 Desktop Computer HP 16GB Intel Core I7 HDD 2T Manufacturer - HPComputer Model - Pavilion P6-2463EGProcessor (CPU) - (1x) Intel Core i7 (i7-3770)... Used Intel Core i7 Oyo, Ibadan
₦ 255,000 New Laptop HP 15 4GB Intel Core I3 HDD 256GB Get the HP 15 dw1197NIA Corei3 1011OU 4GB RAM/1TB at Affordable Price from Obejor NigeriaThe HP 15... Brand New Intel Core i3 Lagos, Ikeja
DIAMOND ₦ 460,000 Laptop HP Omen 15-Ce0xx 16GB Intel Core I7 SSD 1T *Open box* Hp Omen 15-ce198wm notebook PC16gig ram/256gig ssd + 1tb hdd @ 2.20-4.50ghz intel... Used Intel Core i7 Oyo, Ibadan
₦ 96,000 Desktop Computer HP 12GB Intel HDD 512GB HP PRO 3520 All in One System for Office use and personal use 12gb ram. It is in good working... Used Intel Osun, Ife
ENTERPRISE ₦ 200,000 Laptop HP Pavilion X360 12GB Intel Core I5 SSD 512GB Hp pavilion X360 convertible corei5 8th generation 8gig ram and 256gb ssd convertible pc with... Used Intel Core i5 Abuja, Wuse
DIAMOND ₦ 370,000 New Desktop Computer HP 200 G4 4GB Intel Core I3 HDD 1T All in one pc i3 4/1TB free dos white color with 19.45 mouse Brand New Intel Core i3 Abia, Arochukwu
₦ 120,000 Laptop HP Pavilion 13 X360 8GB Intel Core I3 HDD+SSD 500GB Hp Pavilion 13 x360 Pc, Intel Core i3 2.10GHz processor, (4CPUs) 5th Generation, Ram: 8gb, Hdd:... Used Intel Core i3 Lagos, Alimosho
₦ 300,000 Laptop HP Pavilion 15 8GB Nvidia SSD 1T 8 months old Cool Gaming Pc can play all the heavy games like Fifa 23 and God of war. can run heavy... Used Nvidia Akwa Ibom, Uyo
₦ 30,000 Laptop HP Pavilion Dv4 4GB AMD A4 HDD 500GB Strong entertainment pc. Working well and battry lasts about an hour. Using Windows 11 on it right... Used AMD A4 Akwa Ibom, Uyo
₦ 270,000 New Laptop HP 240 4GB Intel Core i3 HDD 1T HP 240 G8 Notebook PC10th Generation Intel CoreTM i3 processor4 GB memory1 TB HDD storageVGA... Brand New Intel Core i3 Lagos, Lekki
₦ 155,000 New Laptop HP 250 G8 4GB Intel Celeron HDD 1T Hp 250 g8 notebook pc 15.6" hd, intel celeron n4020, 4gb ram, 1tb hdd, intel uhd graphics, freedos,... Brand New Intel Celeron Lagos, Ikeja
₦ 95,000 Laptop HP Envy M6 6GB Intel Core I5 HDD 750GB HP ENVY m6 Notebook PCx64 based PCCore i56gig ram 750gig storagekeyboard lite Used Intel Core i5 Ekiti, Ado Ekiti
₦ 83,000 Laptop HP EliteBook 8470P 8GB Intel Core I5 HDD+SSD 500GB Hp Elitebook very sharp, 8GB 500GB sweet pc Buy and enjoy very slightly negotiable Used Intel Core i5 Cross River, Calabar
₦ 420,000 Laptop HP ZBook Firefly G8 16GB Intel Core I7 SSD 512GB 16 gbmost suitable forworkstation, casual computing, graphic design, gamingssd capacity256... Used Intel Core i7 Lagos, Ikeja
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